Leading in_trepid as creative partner is Alan Cronje, whose 25 years in the industry culminated in the founding of Intrepid Fox with his long-time colleague Gavin Whitfield in 2017.

The duo won numerous local and international awards and was subsequently rated in the top 30 agencies in South Africa. 

Founded 14 years ago as a word-of-mouth marketing specialist, HaveYouHeard has grown organically to a full-service integrated communications agency and is now the focal point of a group of specialist creative communications businesses.

As a member of this group, in_trepid will be supported operationally by the agency, as well as its group managing director Victoria Gabler and group executive creative director Dan Berkowitz.

According to Cronje, in_trepid will provide a multi-disciplinary array of design services including:
  • brand identity
  • environmental, digital, product and social design
  • collateral
  • packaging
  • illustration, and
  • animation.
The offering says that the difference it brings to the market in these spaces is in its approach to treating the design process and outputs with the respect they deserve. It adds that it does not provide cookie cutter solutions that restrict outputs and stifle creativity for businesses' brands and agencies but as a critical thinking tool that unlocks value and growth.

"As a result of design being bundled into the agency mix, time and budget allocated to the discipline have been slashed. In many cases, it's been relegated to just another service element — usually applied as a 'finishing touch'," Cronje adds.

"This is a serious misstep by the agencies. Big business places big value on design — Think Apple, Dyson, Nike, or Louis Vuitton. The Mckinsey Design Index shows businesses that place value on differentiation through design are able to increase their revenue growth by 32% points and their TRS by 56% points when compared to their competitors over a five-year period," says Cronje.

"It is in_trepid's mission to bring outstanding design to the front of the brand, product and business development process. It also aims to unlock the true potential of the marketing and advertising development chain that follows to produce more creative and more valuable work. After all, starting with a great product makes selling it that much easier," concludes the offering. 

For more information, visit www.haveyouheard.co.za. You can also follow HaveYouHeard on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.