Ascenders say that it is the world's premier portfolio-based competition dedicated to type in all its versatile forms, as well as inspiring up-and-coming designers, individuals or teams that are elevating the medium.

Entrants submitted six projects with short descriptions, as well as a statement of their role in the project's creation, and a list of individual credits where applicable.

2022's entries were judged by a diverse jury of global leaders in the field, including a number of past Ascenders winners.

Ascenders 3 winners are as follows:
One judge, San Francisco-based lettering artist and author Jessica Hische, tweeted: "I've been judging R1 of '@typedirectors' Ascenders competition and the insane calibre of work is making me want to delete my website."

"2022's Ascenders are some of the best visual designers, type designers and lettering artists working today, regardless of their age," says Paul Carlos, principal at Pure+Applied, adjunct faculty of Parsons School of Design and The New School in New York. Carlos is also a TDC Advisory Board member who created the programme.

Carlos concludes, "The judges had a difficult time narrowing down their final selections given the amazing entries in 2022. The jury also unknowingly selected a geographically diverse group of winners, with designers and letterers in countries ranging from Auckland to Zagreb and many points in between."

TDC, part of The One Club for Creativity, will host a reception for Ascenders 3 winners on Tuesday, 16 August at The One Club gallery space in New York, marking the opening of an exhibition of their work running through Thursday, 1 September.

Prominent past Ascenders winners include:
  • Kevin Cantrell from the United States of America (2018)
  • Ben Grandgenett from New York (2019)
  • Ben Johnston from Toronto (2019)
  • Phillip Neumeyer from Copenhagen (2018)
  • Juan Carlos Pagan from New York (2018), and
  • Tre Seals from Maryland (2018).
2022's Ascenders branding campaign and award were designed by Zipeng Zhu, founder and creative director at Dazzle Studios, Brooklyn, with additional custom lettering by Tien-Min Liao.

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