So far in 2022, we have had 1 246 hours (over 50 days) of continuous national load shedding, according to Nando's.

To ease the burden on South Africans, Nando's says that it has sold 18 236 meals, of which 52% have been during stage four. This equates to four free sides per meal.

The Bright Sides deal is exclusively available on the Nando's app and website. Depending on the stage of load shedding that the country is in, South Africans will get free sides to a max of four.

To bring the message home and get South Africans to look forward to the dark, Nando's says that it released a humourous piece of content in order to give its audience reasons to embrace load shedding.

"Let's face it — we're going through the most. Like darkness through the winter nights, so are the days of our lives. Mara, there's a Bright Side to everything. Nando's will have you excited for load shedding just like Eishmael Komanate and his family," concludes the brand.

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