This award honours holding companies, networks and agencies whose cutting-edge work inspired and engaged consumers while creating brand affinity, says the group.

2022's Industry Award winners are selected by the number of top-scoring entries that earn trophies within the competitions, based on scores determined by the New York Festivals' in-person executive jury.

Serviceplan Germany won triple accolades at the awards, including:
  • Agency of the Year
  • Independent Agency of the Year, and
  • Regional Agency of the Year / Europe.
According to the awards, this special industry honour is awarded to the non-networked agency that obtains the highest score for creative entries in all of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards competitions across all mediums.

"Serviceplan Germany being named Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year and Regional Agency Europe by New York Festivals 2022 makes this our most successful year at New York Festivals to date. It means a lot to continue to be recognised by the NYF Industry Awards," says Alex Schill, global chief creative officer at Serviceplan Group.

David Sable, the host of NYF's Creativity from the Other Side, recently interviewed Alex Schill, global chief creative officer of Serviceplan Group. Individuals can view the episode here.

VMLY&R earned Global Network of the Year. This is awarded to the advertising agency network that earns the highest score for entries in all mediums and produces the highest calibre of top-scoring creative work within the competition.

Debbi Vandeven, global chief creative officer at VMLY&R, adds, "I'm so proud of the teams and the effort that has gone into all this amazing work over the past year. Earning 2022 Global Agency Network of the Year and Regional Agency of the Year for both North America and APAC from the New York Festivals is absolutely the icing on the cake. It takes passion and drive, as well as teams trusting and pushing each other. It also takes brave clients — I'm happy we work with so many and thank them because they share these honours with us too."

WPP won the 2022 Holding Company of the Year Award. This award aims to recognise the holding company that earned the highest combined score for all entries in all mediums, calculated from all points earned by its networks and agencies.

The award of Global Brand of the Year was won by:
  • Spinneys Supermarket
  • Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, and
  • AUMBC Hospital.
Regional Agency of the Year is a Special Industry Award, which aims to honour an advertising agency that earns the highest score for entries in all mediums within their region.

2022's Regional Agency of the Year Awards winners are as follows:
  • APAC — VMLY&R India
  • Europe — Serviceplan Germany
  • Latin America — Wunderman Thompson Argentina
  • MENA — Keko FZ LLC Dubai
  • North America — VMLY&R
"It's amazing when different campaigns from different teams get celebrated. We have not one, not two, but three very diverse campaigns that fuse culture, technology and creativity. Being awarded the Regional Agency of the Year APAC by the New York Festivals is a matter of immense pride for the team and a testament to their talent and the effort we have been putting in," says Mukund Olety, CCO of VMLY&R India.

"I am thrilled that we're being celebrated as the APAC agency of the year at NYF. This feat feels even more special as it has come on the back of multiple campaigns, which have won across different categories. All the winning works are great examples of purpose-powered creativity that actually has the power to change the world. I'm happy to see Smart Fill, work which has genuine impact, being recognised as one such piece of amazing work," adds Arpan Jain, ECD at VMLY&R COMMERCE India.

"This is such an honour for Wunderman Thompson and especially for WT Argentina. We are really happy about this achievement. One of the most important festivals in the world. Lots of people around the world worked on Degree inclusive. It took us more than two years to develop it and we are still working to make this idea even bigger," says Sebastian Tarazaga, Latam CCO's and global ECD's, Wunderman Thompson Argentina.

Tarazaga adds, "What we enjoyed more in this process is how we connected different people with different capabilities, regions, time zones and disabilities to only think in one thing: Make the world a more inclusive place to live. What we didn't know is that because of this work we would become the best agency of Latam. That's awesome. Thank you so much. Vamos WT Argentina," adds Minaker and Tarazaga.

Brigitte Kemper, CEO of the Keko Group, says, "I am extremely proud of Keko Dubai's achievement. The award came as a huge surprise as we are such a young agency. Our agency was founded because of Porsche, so to win this award speaks volumes and truly shows a perfect example of partnership at work. I am extremely proud of the whole team and I am looking forward to a bright future with Porsche."

The 2022 Film Production Company of the Year is Iconoclast Germany, an international feature film and commercial content group.

The awards say that the Film Production Company of the Year is awarded to the film production company based on total points scored — regardless of whether entries were submitted by the production company, advertising agency, or a third party.

"We were really lucky to get this once-in-a-decade chance. You are always excited when you receive a script with potential. Like everybody else, we love parents' anxiety turned upside down. How Serviceplan’s idea struck a very common chord in these late days of the pandemic created a tiny bit of heat though. Thank you so much," concludes Tim Augustin, executive producer at Iconoclast Germany.

Individuals can view the 2022 New York Festivals Advertising Awards winners gallery here.

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