The group adds that brands have realised that growth in Africa requires updated, aggregated, trended data as the days of outdated reports are over.

Change is the only constant these days and leaders demand local insights at the speed of business in addition to real-time and relevant datasets across markets.

The duo says that their partnership is to help businesses and brands accelerate their growth and win across the continent.

Creative VMLY&R says that it provides an empirical and historically validated demonstration of how brands grow and decline, and its metrics have been linked to both current and future financial performance.

According to the agency, its unique model enables them to evaluate and diagnose brands on equity, loyalty and imagery dimensions and then prescribe a strategic framework for achieving marketplace success.

The partnership comes on the heels of the recent realisation that marketing is changing and requires more data to tell stories that connect with consumers in Africa, adds the duo.

"As an innovative and forward-looking agency, we want to be more data-driven because our clients are demanding more from us, and consumer data provides tremendous value from planning, execution and performance management," says Gil Kemami, managing director of Creative VMLY&R.

Creative VMLY&R and Kasi Insight will work together to:
  • unlock consumer insights
  • co-produce content, and
  • innovate for brands in Kenya and later Africa.
At this point in the digital age, acting on "gut instinct" when it comes to making operational and strategic decisions, is long gone, adds the duo. A deeper understanding of consumers will unleash tremendous innovations and opportunities for brands in Africa.

"We are excited to work with Creative VMLY&R to bring some of these insights to life through the work they do for brands. This partnership underscores our commitment to empowering business leaders and entrepreneurs to make crucial decisions with confidence," concludes Yannick Lefang, CEO of Kasi Insight.

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