According to SACCI, it is represented in several external bodies, where valuable contributions are made to decision-making in specified fields, which further enhances the status of the chamber movement as the voice of business in South Africa.

Furthermore, SACCI adds that it is represented in regional bodies such as the Association of African Chambers of Commerce and working groups linked to the SADC Protocols.

Having signed cooperation agreements with many national chambers of commerce and industry worldwide, the organisation is an important role player in the commercial sector, says Plus 94.

SACCI adds that this all adds up to a formidable network of business contacts and widespread opportunities to share knowledge and experience. According to Plus 94 Research founder and CEO Sifiso Falala, membership in SACCI augur well for the future of both the company and the chamber.

"Established in 1998, Plus 94 celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023, and now is the right time for us to spread our wings further," says Falala. "Our commercial performance, social relevance and progressive thinking have earned us a reputable position in the South African business sector, and this membership will further reinforce our impact in the market."

"Such collaborations will enable efforts to grow our economy as well. With many voices of influence, much more can be achieved, and with more accurate data, businesses can speak with confidence and make more ground-breaking decisions," Falala says.

"We are excited to join our voice to a multitude of voices that SACCI represents and to make our contribution to delivering the vision of a successful and prosperous South Africa," adds Falala. "We are of the view that the South African economy can grow and that SACCI has the ability to act as a catalyst for growth towards this common goal."

Through its SACCI membership, Plus 94 Research will be able to participate in business transformation at a macro level and take part in activities linked to organisations such as the:
  • World Economic Forum
  • World Bank
  • New Partnership for Africa’s Development), and
  • BRICS.
According to Plus 94 Research, it provides a range of market research services in South Africa and across Africa, including the following:
  • consumer research
  • segmentation surveys
  • mystery shopping
  • customer satisfaction, and
  • productivity measurement.
"We are a leader in embracing technology and the digital economy," concludes Plus 94 Research. "Our work has been influential in informing decision-making across different industry sectors."

The company is already a member of various market research groups such as:
  • the Southern African Marketing Research Association
  • Pan African Media Research Organisation
  • the Global Business Community of Insights and Analytics
  • European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, and
  • the African Independent Research Operators Network.
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