Upstream says that it showcased how its RCS solutions have become indispensable for leading brands across the world, driving a rise in conversion rates of 37% over SMS and 137% higher click-through rates at Google's European Headquarters innovation centre in Dublin.

"Not all users are the same, so communications shouldn't be either. Every channel has a different dynamic and purpose, and the more channels a brand uses, the more potential users it can also reach," says Katerina Matthaiou, product innovation director at Upstream.

Matthaiou adds, "However, RCS has a clear advantage when the aim of the campaign strategy is to engage with consumers in highly interactive and visual ways. RCS messaging is a game-changer for boosting brand awareness, improving customer service and support as well as converting users and lead generation."

"Crucially, time and time again we see that as part of a multichannel campaign incorporating RCS is one of the smartest decisions a brand can make to enhance overall performance, reach and engagement," Matthaiou says.

Skyrocketing campaign performance across the globe

According to the group, with Google set to abandon the use of cookies from 2024 — and the popularity of Android devices growing in almost every market — RCS has been gaining significant attention across the world with the expected number of RCS-capable subscribers reaching 3.8 billion by 2026.

In Brazil, a leading mobile operator worked with Upstream to use RCS to upsell customers from pre-paid to post-paid contracts.

The brand says that it is responsible for the creation of its online flow as well as end-to-end management and strategy of the campaign. Upstream used its marketing platform 'Grow' to build and manage a multichannel retargeting mechanism.

Involving RCS as part of its strategy led to a 19% increase in campaign performance, says the brand. The full campaign resulted in 785 000 plan upgrades in just six months and 137% higher CTR for RCS over SMS outreach.

Upstream adds that it also partnered with a popular South African food retailer to develop and deploy a highly interactive RCS campaign to maximise traffic to its online store.

With previous campaigns struggling to reach a mass audience, introducing RCS via an operator into its marketing mix enabled the company to achieve a 22.2% click-through rate with the campaign generating over 12 000 clicks in just its first two weeks alone, according to the group.

Now is the time to add RCS into the channel mix.

Upstream's latest whitepaper Unlocking multi-channel marketing with RCS provides in-depth insight into RCS for Mobile Network Operators, brands and advertisers wanting to discover why to incorporate it into their multi-channel marketing campaigns and reach consumers.

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