Lindiwe Gumede, marketing director for Beverages at PepsiCo SA, says, "Liqui Fruit has a rich legacy of flavour innovation and packaging formats. It's our responsibility to continue communicating in more meaningful and relevant ways to the consumers that we serve."

"Liqui Fruit is a trend-setting juice that came up with many firsts. We needed to just refresh while staying true to our pioneering spirit. The new packaging design reflects our dedication to delivering quality and refreshing fruit juices that South Africans have come to love and trust," adds Gumede.

The brand says its journey to the new design began in 2021 when Liqui Fruit's brand team initiated a comprehensive research project to assess its visual equity and identify growth opportunities.

The feedback from consumer research played a vital role in shaping the new design. There was a focus on improving visibility and findability without compromising the brand's signature burst of fruit, vibrant colours and refreshment cues.

One of the prominent features of the new design is a fresh white background that spans across the center of the pack, framing the iconic Liqui Fruit logo across all the variants. The research showed that this change enhances the visibility of the fresh fruit image and facilitates easy identification of the desired flavour.

Consumer feedback also indicated that the new design conveys associations of quality and refreshment, making it stand out as the most unique among the options presented, says the brand.

"This positive reception further solidifies Liqui Fruit's position as the go-to-choice for South Africans seeking a burst of goodness and flavour in their daily lives, whether it's a family gathering or a moment of personal indulgence. Liqui Fruit continues to elevate everyday occasions with its beloved fruit juices," concludes Gumede.

Liqui Fruit's commitment to sustainability continues with packaging material that has renewable resources to promote lower waste and reduce the brand's carbon footprint. 

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