Sanlam Rewards was recognised in the Best Long-term Loyalty Programme of the Year category, where judges were impressed by the monetary contribution the programme makes to its clients, as well as its focus on client engagement through marketing and communications.

"Its steadfast commitment to fostering enduring relationships through a meticulously crafted loyalty initiative is commendable," says Papi Rapolai, judge for the SA Loyalty Awards. "By focusing on sustained value creation and unwavering customer engagement, Sanlam has raised the bar for long-term loyal strategies."

"In a crowded and complex loyalty market, it's incredible to be singled out and commended as a meaningful loyalty programme for our clients," says Andre Fredericks, Sanlam Rewards' chief executive.

"Even more gratifying were the judges' comments acknowledging our commitment to helping clients build a life of financial confidence. Working with them to build long-term wealth and rewarding them with actual cash in their pockets makes an enormous difference in achieving their long-term financial goals, whether that be their retirement savings or being able to use their Wealth Bonus payouts to pay off their homes or cover medical expenses at retirement," concludes Fredericks.

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