In 2024, the AME Awards® proudly the 30th anniversary of recognising pioneering campaigns that showcase groundbreaking solutions to complex marketing challenges, proving that strategic planning and creative execution can produce extraordinary results, New York Festivals® says. 

"All of us at AME are thrilled by the exciting possibilities that this year's competition brings. In 2024, we introduce a game-changing Regional Award of the Year, inject fresh categories into AME's powerful category mix and unveil a redesigned website for an enhanced user experience," says Gayle Seminara Mandel, executive director of AME Awards®.

"And each and every year, we assemble an enviable world-class jury comprised of some of the most innovative creative and strategic leaders who are recognized globally for award-winning result-driven work," Mandel adds. 

Each year the AME Awards® reviews and updates its categories to mirror the evolving trends within the industry. Here's what's new for 2024.

In a leap towards fostering positive change, the 2024 AME Awards® unveiled eight new categories under the robust Creativity for Positive Impact category group. These categories celebrate creative campaigns that span all media platforms and are designed to:
  • drive social good
  • inspire positive behaviors, and
  • create meaningful impact for individuals, causes, society, the well-being of animals and the environment.

New categories include:
  • Artistry for Social Impact
  • Tech for Social Good
  • Sustainability Beyond Environment
  • Youth-Led Initiatives
  • Community Building, and
  • Sustainable Fashion.

According to the festival, the new category Urban Influence, included within the Best Use of Medium category group, will shine a spotlight on bold campaigns that harness the power of:
  • urban environments
  • street art
  • installations, and
  • unconventional mediums to leave a lasting mark on their target audience.

In 2024, AME will open our doors once again to pro bono campaigns, embracing a broader spectrum of opportunities for creativity and impact, according to the awards.

AME says that it believes in the power of creative solutions to drive positive change. The expanded Creativity for Positive Impact categories provide a platform for showcasing campaigns created for:
  • brands
  • NGOs, and 
  • governmental organisations.

"We look forward to celebrating the innovative work that helps make a difference in our communities and the world," says AME

"Among the final updates to AME, we're thrilled to introduce a new and improved website, meticulously crafted for seamless navigation and an enriched user experience," the awards add.

The festival says the jury selection has begun for the 2024 AME Awards®.

According to New York Festivals®, AME's juries are recruited from five global regions (Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa and North America). These strategic innovators review all entries with global knowledge and industry perspective.

The results of the 2023 AME Awards® jury sessions were parsed in the AME Report, an annual ranking report that honours outstanding agencies and brands from 30 countries. Individuals can view the 2023 AME Report here

The final deadline to enter the 2024 AME Awards® competition is Wednesday, 3 April 2024. Competition details, rules and regulations, categories and additional information can be found on the AME website

The 2024 AME Awards® are:
  • Advertising Awards
  • AME Awards®
  • NYF Health Awards®
  • Radio Awards, and 
  • TV & Film Awards.

Entries in each of the competitions are judged around the world by panels of peers in their respective industries, concludes the festival.

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