"The collaboration marks a new chapter in our growth, expanding our global reach while continuing to offer a wide range of skills and experiences to our clients. Our aim is to facilitate a cross-continental exchange of expertise and ideas," says Be-cause founder Beverley Houston.

Emma Proctor, an experienced communications professional who started her career at Be-cause before gaining international experience and completing her masters in international healthcare management at Imperial College, will drive the London office. Procter has skills in:
  • digital marketing
  • brand development
  • sales strategy
  • partnership management, and
  • stakeholder engagement.

"I am excited to lead the London office and contribute to the growth and success of Be-cause. We're eager to bring our innovative communication solutions to UK-based clients, further strengthening our already entrenched global reach," says Proctor.

Beverley, a communications expert with over 20 years of experience, brings a wealth of skills including:
  • media relations
  • product launches
  • business development
  • campaign ideation, and
  • profile-raising within key industries.

As a former editor, she offers a unique perspective to elevate Be-cause's offerings, according to the agency.

Focusing on healthcare, education, sustainability and the tech space, Be-cause has built a niche client base, which includes the likes of:
  • New York-based non-profit Women's World Banking
  • United-based TEFL Academy
  • Australian global leadership initiative Homeward Bound, and
  • local payment gateway Payfast.

Be-cause also previously worked with biopharmaceutical company Biovac during the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine. Dealing with both local and international media in a high-pressure environment, Be-cause says it rose to the challenge and successfully navigated the difficult socio-medical-political landscape that Biovac operates within.

Together with the Be-cause team, it plans to further strengthen the company's ability to deliver tailored communication solutions to clients worldwide.

"We are working hard to introduce cutting-edge AI tools into our work and processes, with the goal of increasing our productivity and providing clients with a bigger return on investment," says Beverley.

For more information, visit www.be-cause.co.za or contact [email protected].