The middle of November is usually when most people and brands start getting into the festive spirit.

It's when most brands release their holiday ads — and if you aren't in the festive mood yet, these ads will get you there!

Creating the perfect ad is not easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But this season comes around only once a year, which is why it is so important for brands to get it right.

When a brand does get it right, it often gets it really right and manages to make people feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. 2023 is no different.

So, grab your Santa hat and fruit mince pies because media update's Alrika Möller is looking at some of the magical holiday ads of 2023.


Even with all the cold snow in this ad, it is still one of the most heartwarming ads of 2023. It tells the story of three elderly women watching children as they sledge down a snow-covered hill.

It is so obvious that they long to join in the festive fun; but with them being older, it seems to be as possible as the existence of Santa Claus.

That is until one of the ladies makes a very important Amazon purchase of three chair cushions. This purchase means that they can sledge down the hill. Through some tear-jerking imagery, it is clear that, for a moment, they feel like young girls again.

Through the Amazon purchase, they were able to realise an impossible holiday wish. Maybe there is still hope for Santa …

What can marketers learn from this?

Through the use of storytelling, Amazon was able to evoke real emotion. December can be an emotional time for a lot of people, and the wholesaler made it clear that it understands.

The story connects with viewers and shows them the power of an Amazon purchase — and finding the perfect gift.

If marketers create a story within their marketing, they can create an emotional connection with their audience — as well as give them an idea of how the brand can fit into their lives.

For a story to really work, you need to create characters that people can either relate to or connect with. The use of deliberate imagery can drive the story and the emotion forward, making the ad memorable and powerful.

It also helps that everyone loves a good Yuletide storyjust ask Hallmark!


When it comes to holiday marketing, Coca-Cola is an expert. It has created some iconic festive campaigns over the years, but in 2023 it tried something new.

Coca-Cola wants you to know that anyone can be Santa through selfless acts and by doing good things for other people.

These acts can be anything from telling someone they left a sock in the dryer, giving them the last coke in the vending machine or giving someone a lift to see their family for the December celebrations.

It concludes with the message that the world needs more Santas — meaning the world needs more selfless people. This is a truly merry message for the season.

Is there a message for marketers too? You bet!

Positive messaging can have a positive impact on your brand.

The ad leaves people feeling good and ready to do something good for someone else during the tinsel season. People will not only connect that positive feeling with the brand, but they will also see that the brand believes in the message they portray.

People want to know that their much-loved brands are not just self-serving. They want to feel good about supporting your brand, and a positive message has that power.

Marketers, gift your customers a positive message and a joyful feeling! It is the season of giving, after all.


Disney is celebrating 100 years in 2023, and it has built its 100 years around the concept of making a wish.

Disney kept this theme going with its holiday ad, having people from all cultures and countries singing A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes from the Disney film Cinderella.

Every new person who sings the song in the ad shows a festive celebration in their culture and country.

Disney is a global brand — meaning its ads and holiday messages have an audience that stretches around the world. That is why it is so important for them to make the message applicable to everyone.

Okay, so what should marketers take from this ad?

Your campaign should reflect the diversity of your audience. Inclusivity is especially important during the Noel period.

Most brands have a diverse audience, and if they are not inclusive in their campaigns, they run the risk of alienating a part of their market and losing customers as a result. This is not exactly what marketers are hoping to achieve.

The discussion around diversity and inclusion is very much at the forefront in 2023. Marketers have to stay on top of the conversations as well as the causes that are significant to their audience.

People want to know that you care about the same issues they do. Marketing is the perfect way to do that.

Take a page out of Disney's holiday recipe book and cook up a campaign that will speak to your audience as a whole without making anyone feel left out.

Festive marketing can be a great way for your brand to spread some holiday cheer — as long as you keep things merry and bright.

With the holidays approaching, we would love to make your content wishes come true! Let us know what kind of holiday content you want to see more of in the comments section below.

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