Penquin adds that it has experienced significant client victories and has achieved unprecedented growth in 2023, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the South African marketing landscape.

Strategic growth and business restructuring

"2023 saw significant growth for Penquin — not only in terms of the team's size but also through a comprehensive restructuring of the business," says the agency. 

Ryan Nofal, managing director of Penquin, says, "The business has grown significantly in terms of personnel in 2023, none more so than in the last few months that saw Penquin undergo a complete restructure of the business."

According to the agency, this restructuring aimed to enhance service delivery by creating dedicated teams and updated departments focussed on innovative solutions. 

Diversifying client sectors

Penquin's expansion into different sectors, such as the fashion industry and financial sector, stands out as a notable achievement, according to the agency. 

Neil Robertson, client service director at Penquin, says, "New client acquisitions have given Penquin the opportunity to start doing work within different sectors, broadening our employee knowledge and skill sets." 

Agile studio and creative triumphs

Penquin says that its creative team showcased its agility and commitment to excellence throughout the year, successfully managing multiple projects without compromising on quality.

The agency's studios' ability to seamlessly navigate different projects and deliver exceptional outcomes has been a standout achievement, the agency adds. 

Dave Doubell, executive creative director at Penquin, says, "One of the big achievements of the year is how the studio manages to keep fighting the deadline game and come out winning, while producing high-quality work."

"The amount of juggling between jobs and rollouts has been amazing. For a creative, it's always hard to stop while in the motion of a job to do another job, then jump back to your original job. So overall, a lot of jobs went out," adds Doubell.

2023 Highlights

The past year was filled with some incredible highlights for Penquin, including the successful launch of multiple cars for a Suzuki and other noteworthy campaigns, the agency says. 

Nofal says, "In a year when our largest client launched five new cars into the market, we've had the opportunity to do some incredible work. It's very difficult to isolate one specific campaign, but if put on the spot, I'd have to say the launch of the new Suzuki Grand Vitara." 

A glimpse into 2024

Looking ahead, Nofal outlines Penquin's vision for 2024, emphasising a commitment to people and innovation.

"Our focus for 2024 is people, people and people. We have set a goal to positively impact the lives of 50 000 people in the upcoming year," adds Nofal.

This people-centric approach extends to staff, clients and the supply chain. Penquin says that it envisions operating at the intersection of innovation, data intelligence and creativity to deliver optimal strategies and campaigns for clients in 2024 and beyond.

Penquin concludes that as it finishes the dynamic and impactful year, the agency looks forward to building on these achievements, delivering innovative solutions and making an even greater positive impact in 2024.

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