Out of the five categories, the online retailer stood out as a contender for the Multichannel Magician and Game Changer awards.

The former applauds campaigns that integrate at least two channels to create exceptional consumer experiences, while the latter recognises marketing initiatives that leave a lasting impact on business growth, retention and strategic direction. 

Mishka Govender, CRM and e-mail marketing specialist at OneDayOnly.co.za, describes the nominations as a testament to the transformative impact of the business' efforts in reshaping the digital marketing and CRM landscapes.

"Our nominations are a nod to our strategic approach, disruptive ideas and trailblazing spirit. We are particularly proud to have been named as a finalist for the Multichannel Magician Award, highlighting our success in orchestrating seamless and effective multichannel marketing campaigns," says Govender.

"Our expertise in fine-tuning segments, personalisation and optimising tactics for increased engagement, conversions and revenue is what earned us this recognition," Govender adds.

Predicting CRM trends for 2024, Govender anticipates that even greater focus will be placed on:
  • hyper-personalisation
  • AI-driven automation, and
  • data privacy and security.

"Plus, the integration of CRM with emerging technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality is poised to gain momentum," Govender says.

"At OneDayOnly.co.za, our award-winning CRM revolves around delivering personalised, relevant and hitch-free customer experiences that make our consumers feel valued and understood," adds Govender.

"We extend our gratitude to Marigold for recognising our commitment to excellence and, rest assured, our journey of delivering exceptional customer experiences continues — fuelled by innovation and our dedication to raising the bar in the world of digital marketing and customer relationship management," Govender concludes.

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