According to Flow, Boomerang staff are employees who have worked for a company for a number of years (often from early in their careers) and leave for the lure of a seemingly better opportunity, only to return at a later stage. 

There are currently five boomerang staff members at Flow, three of whom have been back for several years, with two recently returning to the fold. 

Subramoney says, "I left journalism to head straight into Flow in 2014, and I stayed for nearly eight years. I was, however, curious about the wider industry and that curiosity won out last year when I was headhunted by another agency." 

"While I made some really good friends, the experience taught me a lot about what motivates me. It turned out that the culture, the creativity and the purpose-driven projects at Flow were central to me really enjoying my work experience. I'm grateful and happy to be back home," adds Subramoney. 

Buthelezi says, "When I left Flow, I made it clear in my 'farewell' mail that my departure was a trip around the neighbourhood. As a younger writer, I was eager to explore new ways of doing things in my profession and was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with other industry experts, who further contributed to my development. Time-wise, after almost three years, it felt right to resume my professional journey with Flow." 

"The company is a future-focussed enterprise that consistently moves with the times and actively promotes continuous growth among its employees. Flow's focus on both innovation and employee development are among a long list of reasons why I stayed in touch and rekindled our professional relationship," adds Buthelezi. 

Tara Turkington, CEO of Flow Communications, concludes, "We are thrilled that Subramoney and Buthelezi have returned to the Flow family. They are both exceptionally talented, creative and intelligent writers — each with a multitude of other skills that they bring to the table. They've both come back to us stronger and with new skills."

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