Marketers, I get it! You have to know what people want without them ever actually telling you

You have to guess if your consumers want something funny, informative or trendy. It can be exhausting

Marketers have this ever-changing relationship with consumers that they are trying to keep alive, but as far as I know, scientists haven't cracked the code to mind reading yet.

You have aired your holiday ads and New Year News Savings slogans, so what is next? 

What are you supposed to do in 2024? 

Relax and take a deep breath because Alrika Möller from media update's created a cheat code to understand the 2024 consumer. 

As things happen and the world changes, the things consumers look for in their brands and marketing changes. 

These are the top things consumers will be looking for in 2024: 


I know, I know.
Everyone and their mother is talking about going green and being sustainable. It seems like a never-ending conversation, so how can this be a new change? 

Consumers have a renewed appreciation for sustainability. It has become clear that it is, in fact, possible for brands and businesses to implement sustainable aspects into their branding and marketing.

That means that sustainability is no longer a perk that consumers can use as a way to feel environmentally conscious. It is a requirement

What does that mean for marketers? 

Highlight any and every sustainable aspect of your business. People are not supporting products — they are supporting brands

If you showcase the sustainable efforts your brand is making, consumers will respond. 

If your brand doesn't have any sustainable aspects or efforts they support, now is the time to get started. 

There are bonus points added if you get your consumers involved by using sustainable packaging for products or getting them to support sustainability projects with you. 


The human touch

Ever since everything that happened way back in 2020, there was a big move towards letting technology take the reigns

People preferred online shopping and were impressed with any brand using some sort of AI to sort out our issues. 

Now, four years later, people are going back to the old ways of actually going into a store and wanting to talk to a person regarding their product or service needs. They want the human touch

How does this apply to marketing? 

Consumers want to feel like there is a person behind the brand they are supporting. Humanise your brand

Utilise employees on social media. If you provide people with a face and personality that they can attach to your brand, they will feel a connection.

It will ultimately strengthen the relationship your audience has with your brand. 

You don't have to eliminate all AI and technology from your marketing. People just want to know that they are dealing with people at the end of the day. 


Customer communities

In the same way that consumers want to know there is a person behind the brand, they also want to know that your brand sees them as a person and not just a paying customer

Nobody wants to feel like the brands they support don't care about them. More than that, they want to feel like they are a part of something

Enter the customer community! You are probably wondering what a customer community is

A customer community is when the customers of a brand feel connected to each other and the brand. They have a place where they can interact and share their experiences with the brand.

How does a marketer achieve that community vibe? 

Connect with your customers. Utilise your social media in a way that they feel like they can comment and have a conversation in the comment section. 

Engage with them through polls or asking questions. 

Create a space for your community to grow by acting like the community is already alive and thriving

By referencing an existing community in your marketing, it will make them feel valued and make prospective customers feel like they are missing out on something if they are not a part of it. 


Take a stance 

It is no secret that there is a lot happening in the world right now. When there are a lot of things going on, people find situations and causes that they truly care about. They take stances on both social and political matters. 

What should marketers make of this? 

The concept of taking a strong stance on any matter often goes against what most marketers believe — which is that you have to appeal to all people all over the world at all times

It is true that taking a stance might end up alienating some groups and individuals, but it will solidify relationships with other consumers. 

The idea behind taking a stance is not just because people want the brands to support the opinions and stances they believe in

Taking a stance is more about showing your customers that you acknowledge and care about the issues that are important to them. 

Show them that you care and that you know what is important to your consumers and the rest of the world


Marketing is all about building and maintaining relationships, and as everyone will tell you, relationships take work

So marketers, put in the work to give consumers what they are looking for in 2024. Show them that you know them

We would love to help you create your marketing strategy for 2024, so let us know where we can help in the comment section below. 

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