According to the brand, the campaign is tailored for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, small business owners and contractors. It taps into the emotional resonance of personal growth, community building and national progress to encourage everyone to embark on those long-awaited projects with the support of Builders. 

"The Builders' 'Do Day' campaign is our commitment to help shatter the chains of procrastination, empowering our customers to turn their dreams into reality. We believe that every moment of delay is a missed opportunity for growth, and through this initiative, we inspire action, fostering a community of doers and achievers," says Katherine Madley, Massmart's vice president of marketing. 

"In this way, we build a connection with our customers that inspires them to tackle unfinished DIY tasks and projects, leveraging the extensive expertise and assistance offered by Builders," adds Madley. 

According to the brand, Builders's Strength in the Spotlight was founded 21 years ago. Builders has undergone remarkable transformations, successfully expanding across Africa in 2011.

Builders introduced superstore formats in metropolitan areas and towns and launched the online platform in 2017 to meet evolving customer needs. In 2023, Builders initiated the Builders PRO benefits programme, providing trade professionals with:
  • exclusive savings
  • personalised offers, and
  • incredible deals on a wide range of DIY products and services.

In 2023, Builders was recognised as the Best DIY Store and Best Paint Store in The Star & Pretoria News. The Readers' Choice Awards, also in 2023, named Builders as the Best Hardware Store in the Best of Pretoria Readers’ Choice Awards

Following the launch of sister brands Game and Makro's e-commerce websites, as well as the Makro shopping app, the Builders website was revamped in late 2023 to offer customers a more intuitive online experience with practical enhancements, says the brand. 

Builders also opened express-format stores nationwide, focusing on key economic areas within South African communities.

The retailer says that it further optimised its yard services with an innovative yard management solution that reduces customer wait times and streamlines the collection process for an enhanced customer experience and operational efficiency. 

The current South African electricity supply has presented challenges in demand. Builders says that to address this, there are a number of alternative power solutions to help customers solve for load shedding without breaking the bank — whether it be for their businesses or homes.

Madley adds, "These milestones highlight our unwavering commitment to prioritising our most significant stakeholder — our customers — even amid challenging economic conditions. Builders is growing, the business is evolving, and we want to take our customers on this journey with us." 

Builders says that it transcends being merely a DIY and home improvement destination; it empowers self-improvement through home and business enhancement. The 'Do Day' campaign celebrates the collaborative spirit shared between the business and its customers.

"We offer not just products but over two decades of knowledge and passion. Accenture creative directors behind the 'Do Day' campaign share insights into the thinking behind the campaign and how its purpose is to empower and inspire people to take a different perspective on DIY projects — no matter the size", adds the retailer.

"If you have a home, then you will know very well that there is always a to-do list as long as your arm waiting to be finished and, often, we are very good at procrastinating," says Devin Kennedy, executive creative director of Accenture Song. 

"With our new campaign, we wanted to create a bold rallying cry that says, 'Enough!' Today's the day we do something about it! We wanted to motivate and inspire people, but we also wanted them to recognise themselves and make them smile at the same time. Do Day felt like the right solution for that," adds Kennedy. 

"When we are spurred into action, we can do amazing things, as people, as communities and as a country. Whether it is tackling long-postponed tasks or bringing dream renovations to life, as a category leader, Builders champions the cause of proactive achievement, fostering a positive ripple effect for all," says Cameron Watson, executive creative director of Accenture Song. 

"Our new campaign sets out to be the spark that ignites us to look around us and decide what we will tackle on our Do-Day," concludes Watson. 

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