Annually, agencies and brands from more than 35 countries participate in the festival, presenting innovative solutions and ideas, according to the event. 

In 2024, the White Square Festival has updated and included nominations that match the current trends and relevant demands of the global communications industry while taking into account new tendencies, says the event.

Entries are accepted online in 243 nominations in eight contests, which comprise:
  1. Creative
  2. Branding
  3. Marketing Services
  4. Marketing Effectiveness
  5. Digital
  6. Media
  7. Craft, and
  8. Mass Media Contest.

For example, in connection with rapid digitalisation and developing AI, the nomination Use of Artificial Intelligence was introduced in Digital Contest.

It was designed to demonstrate the use of innovative technologies in creative projects. According to White Square Festival jury members, AI will never completely replace people, their creativity, intuition and emotions. However, the competent use of new technologies is an excellent tool that helps to improve the work of professionals. 

The festival annually encourages a creative approach to socially important topics and expands the list of social nominations.

In 2024, the nomination Inclusive design or accessibility has been added to Mass Media Contest. The awards say that the entries submitted in the social nominations, in addition to the main criteria as the creative idea and its realisation, will be evaluated for their significance for:
  • the society
  • positive changes in the environment, and
  • the world in general.

White Square Festival
2024's jury will bring together representatives of creativity and communications industries from different countries, who have won numerous professional awards for their outstanding projects, and experienced jury members of prestigious international creativity festivals. 

The winners will be published in numerous industrial mass media around the world, says the festival, as publications promote agencies and the best ideas to the international creative community.

The main stage of entries submission is open until Monday, 26 February. To learn more about the nominations, evaluating criteria and technical requirements, individuals are encouraged to check the Entry Kit.

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