WOO CMO Richard Saturley says, "Mokgale has lived and breathed OOH in Africa for many years now."

"[Mokgale] has a deep understanding of how all sides of the industry can come together to utilise the unique economic, structural and social characteristics of the various African markets to cement Out-of-Home's (OOH's) position as a dominant medium across the continent," adds Saturley. 

According to WOO, Mokgale has led businesses across several African markets, including:
  • Carat Johannesburg
  • Posterscope SSA, and
  • dentsu New Business.

WOO adds that Saturley is an inspirational and passionate advocate for OOH, with radical ideas on driving the growth of the medium across the continent. He is a proponent of change in paradigm from OOH to Location Marketing, making more use of mobile data, and believes in fostering deep partnerships with media owners, agencies and advertisers alike.

The event concludes that Mokgale's presentation will touch on many of the key themes of the forum while drawing on his own passion for the medium and vision for the future development of OOH across Africa. 

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*Image courtesy of contributor