Golden Drum says it is also proud to announce that in October, the creative community will be celebrating 30 years of Golden Drum.

Much has changed in the last 30 years, but the heart of the Golden Drum is still beating strong.

"Drummers, prepare yourself for an unforgettable festival. Long live strong competition, good school, devilish challenge and crazy party," says Golden Drum. 

One-channel Drum jury president

Guy Wieynk — global chief executive officer of AnalogFolk Group (AFG) in the United Kingdom 

According to Golden Drum, Wieynk has in-depth experience scaling future-focussed agencies and helping brands leverage digital channels and technology to deliver tangible results.

In 2021, Wieynk became CEO of AnalogFolk Group (AFG), the progressive global marketing and technology group creating a smarter future for people, brands and society.

Previously, Wieynk:
  • launched and sold the creative consultancy, Serum Consulting
  • ran Publicis Worldwide UK and Western Europe as CEO, and 
  • held numerous roles over his 17-year tenure at AKQA.
"I'm delighted to seek out and celebrate work that harnesses the unique strength of a singular medium to cut through the noise and truly resonate with the audience. I invite brands to bring their most compelling one-channel wonders to the table and share how they've turned limitations into their greatest strengths," says Wieynk. 

Omni-channel Drum jury president

Kentaro Kimura — international chief creative officer and corporate officer of Hakuhodo and founder, Hakuhodo Kettle in Japan

Kimura is a hybrid, multi-tasking person, says Golden Drum. He established Hakuhodo Kettle, a multiple award-winning creative boutique in 2006 with the mission of breaking through the boundaries of traditional advertising methods to provide innovative integrated solutions to clients such as:
  • Toyota
  • Sony
  • Google, and
  • Suntory.
He has won more than 150 awards including 10 Grand Prix prizes in several international award shows. As the international CCO of Hakuhodo, Kimura leads creatives in international offices and is responsible for strengthening Hakuhodo as a network to better serve its clients. He also leads popular seminars on creativity at international conferences around the world, according to Golden Drum.

Kimura says, "The world has become more complex, the problems of society more difficult to solve to the extent that there is no longer a correct answer. We now have to create other solutions that push our abilities that take us beyond our imagination."

Craft Drum jury president

Pum Lefebure — co-founder and chief creative officer of Design Army in United States of America

According to Golden Drum, Lefebure oversees all creative coming through the agency's doors. An award-winning creative director and savvy business leader, Lefebure has developed numerous international campaigns for high-profile clients, such as:
  • Adobe
  • Netflix
  • Neenah Paper
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • PepsiCo
  • Saucony
  • Hong Kong Ballet, and
  • the Smithsonian. 
Lefebure was named one of Adweek's Creative100, recognised as one of the top 50 People to Watch by Graphic Design USA and designated a Rising Star by the Washington Business Journal's Women Who Mean Business

"We always hear that design is in the details, but that isn't true — design IS the detail. It's what makes good design great. It is all the more important as many artists now live in a world where AI can do almost anything a human can do. But craft? That's the human element it cannot grasp," concludes Lefebure.

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