Most of us have been on social media for quite a minute. That means that we can immediately spot a social media ad. 

It is not that hard; you just continue scrolling every time you see something that does not look like a normal post. They really do stand out — like Taylor Swift at the Superbowl

So what is a marketer to do? 

It's simple: Just create ads that don't look, feel or sound like an ad. 

Don't worry! media update's Alrika Möller gives the how-to on creating ads that don't give off ad vibes. 

Create TikToks, not ads

TikTok itself is encouraging businesses not to go the generic route. Ads do better when they are real TikToks posted by the business. The important thing here is to focus on organic content

TikTok ads are often overproduced videos with visual effects and a proper production value. That might work for the usual ads, but TikTok is a whole other beast

Videos that are natural, organic and authentic have a better chance of people watching all the way through and engaging with the content. 

Embrace the randomness that is TikTok and create something truly real

User-generated content (UGC)

This is a genius marketing method that gets the public to do the work for you. Brands create a challenge or trend that encourages users to make their own videos about the brand or product. 

Users make normal TikTok videos that will not feel like an ad or sponsored video at all, but they will still spread the word and get your marketing message out there. A good way to get this going is to involve smaller influencers, such as micro and nano-influencers

These influencers will involve their followers and encourage other people to participate. 

Marketers! Before you blow your budget on a single ad, take a scroll through your TikTok feed

Have you ever seen an ad that did not feel like an ad? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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