Freely accessible to anyone and everyone, it draws on responses from 2 000 South Africans representing a broad range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, providing insights into the needs, desires and pain points of consumers, according to the companies. 

In today's increasingly competitive and globalised marketplace, characterised by a burgeoning abundance of information and choice, these insights are indispensable to corporates that wish to stay ahead by offering their customers the best brand experience possible, say the companies. 

According to the companies, what makes the report so unique and valuable is that it surveys business leaders to understand their point of view and contrasts it with that of consumers.

The 2023 results were intriguing, revealing:
  • a plateau in the number of online shoppers
  • a disconnect between the importance of sustainability for building customer loyalty and how much emphasis businesses actually place on this, and
  • the growth in the amount of research consumers put into their purchases.
A key finding was that even average experiences can delight South African customers — 'good' has become 'good enough' — indicating that there is room for disruption in the market simply through offering an elevated customer experience (CX).

The 2024 report will focus on:
  • the frequency of online shopping
  • the channels that people use for research, purchase and after-sale support across various industry verticals, and
  • levels of satisfaction at the different stages of the CX journey.
With the consumer surveys completed, digital agency Rogerwilco, market research company, ovatoyou and Julia Ahlfeldt CX Consulting are inviting businesspeople, especially those with a functional role in CX or branding and marketing, in a corporate or agency capacity, to participate in the 2024 study.

Feedback from business is essential in understanding where the corporate world stands relative to its consumers, and in helping them meet — and exceed — the expectations of a consumer base waiting to be delighted, conclude the companies. 

The survey has just 20 questions and shouldn't take more than five minutes to complete. Submissions can be made on this survey link, which will close on Monday, 15 April.

All responses will be anonymised unless the respondents indicate that they'd like to provide an on-record comment for potential inclusion in the report. All respondents will receive an e-mail copy of the report on launch day.

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