Established in 2003, Portfolio Night has long been recognised as the world's largest advertising portfolio review programme, according to the One Club. 

This fast-paced evening of advice, networking and recruitment takes place in dozens of cities around the world on the same date to help the next generation of creative talent entering the industry, the One Club adds.

The programme is an important event in advertising because it serves as the gateway for young talent to enter the industry, enabling the best of the present — hundreds of renowned international creative directors — to meet and mentor the leaders of the future in industry hubs around the world, says the One Club.

In 2023, Portfolio Night took place in 24 cities across 15 countries:

  1. Argentina (Buenos Aires)
  2. Brazil (São Paulo)
  3. Canada (Montreal and Toronto)
  4. Chile (Santiago)
  5. China (Shanghai)
  6. Czech Republic (Prague)
  7. Finland (Helsinki)
  8. France (Paris)
  9. Guatemala (Guatemala City)
  10. Italy (Milan)
  11. India (Mumbai and Pan-India online)
  12. Philippines (Manila)
  13. Portugal (Lisbon)
  14. Singapore, and
  15. the United States (Charleston, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York and San Francisco).

According to the One Club, Portfolio Night has also become a crucial tool for agencies in recruiting top young talent, providing a platform for recognition from local industry peers, and giving agencies a place on the global stage as the ad world tunes in to this one-of-a-kind event.

The programme includes Portfolio Night All-Stars, a weeklong virtual programme where each city host selects one young creative in their market with the best portfolio to participate.

These creatives will work in global teams on a brief from a major brand and attend seminars and recruiting sessions. At the end of the week, each team presents their pitch, with the winning Portfolio Night All-Stars flown to New York by The One Club for Creative Week 2025, says the One Club.

"Portfolio Night is the only event of its kind that serves as a high-visibility opportunity for agencies and creative professionals to give back to the industry by guiding the earliest steps of future copywriters, art directors and technologists," says Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club for Creativity. 

"We're very grateful for the agencies and organisations who sign up to make this important event possible in their markets, and hope to expand the number of cities around the world who will participate this year," concludes Swanepoel.

Branding for Portfolio Night 2024 was created by Nana Rausch at Quick Honey, based in New York and Berlin.

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