According to bpSA, a programme of centenary events is planned over the coming months to thank employees, partners, dealers and stakeholders and inspire them with the global group's purpose of "reimagining energy" on the path to Net Zero. 

Select communities will also get to share in the festivities when the energy company settles students' outstanding university fees, details of which will be announced soon. Customers will also walk away with various goodies at bp filling stations as an appreciation for their patronage, the brand says.

To signal its commitment to a long-term future in South Africa, bpSA has designed a special 100-year identifier in which the double zero has been converted to the well-known "lazy eight" sign for infinity.

"From our forecourt to our partners in retailing, storage and distribution, we are dedicated to remaining a forward-looking, responsible and effective steward of South Africa's energy supply networks for as long as the country needs us," CEO Taelo Mojapelo says.

According to the brand, bpSA has evolved from the Atlantic Refining Company of Africa over the past 100 years, incorporated in 1924, to the well-known brand seen today on all of South Africa's major highways and urban areas. Its varied history has included refining fuel and coal mining (both of which it has now exited), as well as groundbreaking black economic empowerment deals. It has willingly taken on its responsibility to help with education, skills, enterprise development and transformation of the local energy sector.

The brand says that among some of the highlights of the past 100 years is that bpSA was the first local oil group to beat the government's deadline for a lead abatement strategy for fuels; it was also one of the first in its sector to implement a BEE deal by forming a JV company managed and controlled by historically disadvantaged South Africans (Masana Petroleum Solutions) and the first international oil company in South Africa to appoint a female CEO.

To guide the next stage of bpSA's journey, its leadership has drawn up a strategic roadmap for the long term. Its goals are, firstly, to expand and high-grade the portfolio of over 500 service stations while growing the number of forecourts owned by black entrepreneurs or run by black franchisees.

Secondly, it intends to redefine convenience retailing by upgrading and expanding its forecourt offerings. Thirdly, it is working on optimising its supply model, by implementing a robust, integrated product and supply chain that will drive topline growth.

bpSA says that its strategy fits into the global group's broader focus on reimagining energy, as bp pivots from being an international oil company that produces resources to an integrated energy company that delivers solutions for customers.

The brand concludes that by focusing on resilient hydrocarbons, convenience and mobility and low carbon energy, bp is ensuring that it remains relevant to future generations by adapting to an evolving market and the needs of people and the planet.

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