"We are immensely grateful for the invaluable journey shared with M+N, which has set the stage for shaping Duma Collective's trajectory," says Sibu Mabena, founder of Duma Collective.

"As we transition into a new chapter, we carry forward the lessons learned and the spirit of collaboration that defined our partnership and look forward to continuing our path of creative excellence," adds Mabena.

In March 2022, Duma and M+N went into a partnership that saw a share exchange deal between the two companies. The Duma and M+N partnership has proven instrumental in achieving this exponential growth, meeting its goal of advancing Duma into a more refined and robust business entity while creating mutually beneficial value for both companies, say the partners.

"Now that both companies have met their objectives, the timing is right for the selling of each other's shares.  This transition will result in me selling my shares in M+N owned agencies back to M+N and vice versa," adds Mabena.

Mabena says that the agency's new path is a strategic realignment that positions Duma Collective for sustained growth and impact.

"We remain committed to our mission of building a legacy of creativity, innovation and inclusivity while staying true to our roots and values," Mabena adds.

The strategic transition comes on the heels of significant growth for Duma Collective, with a notable 56% increase in revenue and a 20% expansion in human capital, as well as taking ownership of two new offices in the Johannesburg North area since the transaction with M+N. 

"Duma's inclusion within M+N injected a fresh youthfulness into the agency group, with Mabena offering a novel perspective. This fostered collaboration among Duma, the Media Agency and the creative teams, ultimately yielding shared value over time," says Zibusiso Mkhwanazi, executive chairperson of M+N.

"Witnessing Duma Collective's remarkable growth fills us with immense pride. This is a remarkable milestone, having completed what we've set out to accomplish during our partnership. We look forward to seeing their continued success in the industry," adds Mkhwanazi.

The duo concludes that with a seasoned team and a strategic approach, the agency is set to maintain its trajectory of growth, cementing its commitment to building a legacy of creativity, innovation and impact, shared with clients, partners and the industry. 

For more information, visit www.dumacollective.com. You can also follow Duma Collective on Facebook, LinkedIn, X, or on Instagram

*Image courtesy of contributor