The results of the 2009 Ask Afrika Trust Barometer® were announced at a conference in Rosebank on 18 August.

The 2009 winner of the Ask Afrika Trust Barometer®, SAB, has managed to take a winning position three times since the inception of the research in 2005. Its winning performances this year were largely driven by financial wellbeing, as indicated by its success on two key reputation attributes: financial performance, and long-term investment value. SAB obtained the best performance on all the reputation drivers measured, except for innovativeness, which has consistently been the main strength of MTN.Image

The top three performers - SAB; MTN; and Standard Bank - have sustained their position in the top three findings since 2008, and have proven that they are able to retain their good reputations during a time of serious economic challenges. Image

The winning black-owned and managed company is Mvelaphanda, followed by African Rainbow Minerals, and Kagiso. In this category, MSG Afrika showed a great improvement by rising from 11th to 6th position.

Two additional winning categories were created this year. The most trusted asset management company is Allan Gray, and the company with the most respected green initiatives is Nedbank, followed closely by Woolworths. Bidvest has also achieved outstanding results with an overall 7th position, and was the only company in the industrial sector to be listed in the top rankings. Brian Joffe was also voted the 2nd most trusted CEO.

Reputation Index
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