ImageThe new campaign, that was generated for the relaunch of the Bournville brand, as well as the launch of its two new variants (Roasted Almonds and Mint Essence), taps into the intriguing and rather surprising secret thought-life of women.

Ogilvy Johannesburg Strategist, Candice Blumenthal, says in trying to position the Bournville brand, the Ogilvy team was inspired by the rich sensuality of dark chocolate, which allows the consumers to flirt with their darker side. “The theme is ‘Deliciously Dark’ in recognition of the not-too-bitter, not-too-sweet nature of Bournville chocolate, as well as the delightful make-up of women’s fantasies.”
The agency developed three print executions for the 'Deliciously Dark' campaign and enlisted the talent of Lithuanian-born artist, Natalie Shau, to execute them. The result is a series of bespoke illustrations that tap into three archetypal fantasies women might have. 'Little Red Riding Hood' explores the good girl seduced by the bad boy scenario; the 'Secretary' print execution alludes to the shy office girl who would like to dominate her boss; and 'Bride' is centred around a young bride’s fantasy that her husband will be her puppet on a string.

Art Director, Ian Broekhuizen, says because the campaign is all about the hidden nature of women’s fantasies, Ogilvy wanted the work to have a surreal feel. “Natalie Shau was chosen for her exquisite ‘pop-surreal’ style that utilises digital illustration over photography and visually blurs the lines between painting and photography, as well as fantasy and reality.”

The print campaign has been featured in issues of Cosmopolitan; Oprah; Sarie; Fair Lady; True Love; and Destiny magazines. The campaign has already achieved its first accolade by being awarded first place in the magazine category by Creative Circle (August month).

“This campaign acknowledges this little bit of ‘naughty’, and encourages women to indulge in it – with the ultimate in dark chocolate, Cadbury Bournville,” concludes Cadbury Chocolate Marketing Director, Mike Middleton.