If you enjoyed Cadbury's threesome, then why not let it seduce you with a new deliciously dark chocolate temptation, Bournville Caramel Crisp. A truly decadent indulgence of caramel crisps enrobed in bittersweet dark chocolate, a flavour that lingers to reveal a richly sensory experience. And she certainly won’t go unnoticed dressed in her striking royal blue packaging that exudes an air of sophistication like no other.

Like any good seductress, she knows how to capture the hearts and minds of her audience by splashing herself on pages of glossy women’s magazines. The ads display the dark side of stereotypically innocent women indulging in their ‘naughty’ fantasies, encouraging dark chocolate lovers to embrace their deliciously dark side with Cadbury Bournville dark chocolate.

She will also be appearing in cheeky radio spots on national stations, 5FM and Metro FM that will transport listeners to their deliciously 'dark side'. Those who aren’t dark enough will be seduced into the delicious world of Cadbury Bournville with the opportunity to be treated to a deliciously dark day.

What’s more? To attract further attention she will tempt Ster Kinekor movie goers as she models herself and invites you to taste Cadbury’s deliciously dark Bournville Classic chocolate.

“Every woman, no matter who she is or how she portrays herself to the outside world, has a deliciously dark side. This campaign acknowledges this little bit of ‘naughty’, and encourages women to indulge in it – with the ultimate in dark chocolate, Cadbury Bournville,” says head of Cadbury Chocolate Marketing, Greg Banach.

The new ‘deliciously dark’ indulgence of Bournville Caramel Crisp will be available on shelf from September for an RSP of R9.99.