Graffiti artist, Mzwandile Buthelezi’s version was chosen, but the process was not as simple as 'een, twee and drie'.

Knowing how close this cheesy snack is to the hearts of many South Africans, NIKNAKS wanted the people of Mzansi involved every step of the way and kept one promise - the original Niknaks flavour would not change, only the packaging would be updated.

The public had to send in images of what inspired them. Out of the heaps received, NIKNAKS chose the top five inspirations that would form the basis of the new packaging.
Restyling the pack making use of those inspiring images was then left in the hands of talented designers, Johnny Kotze, Emma Cook and Mzwandile Buthelezi. The result? Three crazy versions of the NIKNAKS pack left to the fingers of the voting public to choose their favourite by a simple click of a mouse. A few weeks later, over 30 000 votes were tallied and Buthelezi’s version was tops.

To make sure that the whole of Mzansi would be 'vuvuzelaing' the new design, the brand took it to an independent research company who then presented it to a panel of consumers for inspection. The main objective was to ensure that the new version would be accepted by all who love NIKNAKS. A few minor changes were suggested and now it is 'the eishness' and ready for all to enjoy.
Besides keeping its promise that the Original Cheese and Chutney flavours would not change, NIKNAKS pulled another surprise out of its hat. It introduced a new flavour, NIKNAKS Spicy Tomato, that will make everyone’s taste buds go 'cha-cha-cha'.

For more information, visit, and to see the new packaging or taste the new flavour, all you need to do is visit your nearest store.