With the launch of the brands new global positioning statement – ‘So Good’ in June 2011, KFC has set its sights on capturing and owning the nostalgia and experiences in life that just make you smile.

The concept and execution for the advert by Ogilvy Johannesburg was aimed at launching ‘So Good’ with a highly emotive thematic execution that would assign meaning to KFC’s new global pay-off line, and provide a platform to build future messaging.

“The launch of ‘So Good’ and the departure from ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ is a strategic move to capturing an emotion we believe the brand has always naturally evoked,” explains Dave Timm, chief marketing officer KFC South Africa.

The ad stems from the insight that one’s sense of smell is intimately linked to memory and sentiment. Driven by this, the commercial, directed by Bouffant’s Erik van Wyk, draws the viewer in to a captivating back to front love story. The tender sense of nostalgia is further amplified by the Ellie Goulding remake of Elton John’s classic, ‘Your Song’.

"A very post production-intensive technique was employed to make the commercial seamlessly tie together. With each age transition copious amounts of visual effects work was involved and the success of winning the award is a true testament to the talent at Sinister Studios."