It’s the story a woman who, one night, alone in her apartment, decides to abandon long distance communication and drive through the night to be with her love. The story is a sensitively portrayed and moving love story but explores a wider and more current theme too.

At 90 and 75 seconds, the film is built around a singular insight: as the world becomes increasing digital and we are able to connect with each other virtually, so too do we experience an increased sense of isolation, distance and lack of personal contact.

“It was, in the end, a simple insight: that all this new technology can actually disconnect us. Then we thought about how the Volkswagen brand has always brought people together – by carrying us to our loved ones safely and also in the sense that they are ‘people’s cars’. From there the story came quickly. It’s based on a lovely truth,” comments Chris Gotz, executive creative director of Ogilvy Cape Town.

Tapping into this zeitgeist, the advert is a demonstration of true human emotion and contact. While VWSA is deeply committed to digital, it is also a profoundly human brand, a brand using technology to allow people to physically explore the world and bring them closer together.

“I would like to thank Ogilvy for a commercial that is proud, authentic, emotional and innovative. We can talk about world class production values, an outstanding cast, the original music score or the incredible driving shots. Or, we can talk, quite simply, about 90 seconds of magic,” adds Carrin Merkel, marketing communications manager at VWSA.