MiXpress was the first online portal of its kind in South Africa when it was originally launched in 2008. It was the only online engine capable of accurately quoting and incepting short-term insurance policies, with the user never having to speak to an agent.

MiWay has now built on the success of this site and completely revamped it to offer an even more streamlined process. It’s really user-friendly and super efficient. To get a quote, one simply answers five questions and within minutes will have an accurate estimate of what cover could cost one. If one likes what they see, accept the quote and just like that, one's insurance is sorted. Much like online shopping, one can add insurance products to one's ‘shopping basket’ and ‘checkout’ when one is done.

“MiXpress pioneered the idea of end-to-end online insurance shopping five years ago, but we wanted to take the concept to a whole new level. We listened to our clients’ experiences to gauge what they wanted from the site. We also looked at international trends and innovations in creating our virtual insurance shop. Now, after a year in development, we’re delighted to introduce the all-new MiXpress, with added functionality that enables us to supply accurate quotes after asking five simple questions,” says Rory Judd, MiWay’s head of online marketing. “This new functionality is perfect for online consumers wanting a convenient, hassle-free and competitive insurance quote in just minutes.”

For existing MiWay clients, MiXpress is just another way that MiWay is using technology to put its clients’ needs first. It aims to encourage customers to use the portal to consolidate their insurance to save more money in the long run, as well as use the site to personally manage their insurance portfolios – where and when it suits them. In fact, just by transacting online via MiXpress, clients earn a portion of their premiums back through the MiRewards programme. Plus, MiWay remains the only insurance company in South Africa that rewards one even if one submits a claim.

The revamped MiXpress portal is the first of a series of planned technology enhancements that MiWay is rolling out across its various offerings, making sure that its position in the market remains innovative as well as focused on putting consumers’ needs first.