This campaign features 600 of the country’s most popular names on Coca-Cola bottle labels and cans. In addition, Share a Coke vending machines will be on tour so that consumers can personalize their very own Coca-Cola cans.

In addition, they can also create their own virtual personalised Coke can on Facebook and, to share with someone special.

This highly personalised campaign is a rollout of a successful programme that has been running in many countries around the world. Jonathan Mildenhall, Coke’s global head of content and advertising, called the Share a Coke campaign “the very best” of the company’s innovative thinking.

Now, with a few days into the launch, the social media space has been buzzing with excitement as South Africans find their names in store. Many posts have also come through since the launch of the new TV commercial, 'Share a Coke with Bobby'.

The commercial follows the story of a loveable dog as he interacts with lots of people during his search for his own name up in lights. South Africa is the first country on the African continent to kick off this campaign, and therefore they have customised all aspects of the campaign to fit local insights, culture and humour.

“It's great to see entertaining storytelling alongside a musical anthem that captures South African youth sub-cultures,” states Gearhart.

The Coke vending machine activations start on Wednesday, 20 November and tour South Africa until the end of February 2014.