Cinevation have facilitated an advertising package between Popcorn Cinema Advertising Sales (Sales representatives of SA’s top end cinema circuits such as Nu Metro, Movies@ and CineCentre) with Viacom (home of high performing channels such as Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, MTV and BET) to bring clients Multiscreen Packages that are guaranteed to hit the mark. 

The link between movie genres (kids, youth, South African, etc.) and aligned Viacom channels (Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, MTV & BET) is not hard to see.  The two operating in tandem will prove to be a very powerful combination. Forget the days of having to choose between Impact and Reach – now one can achieve both in one.

This Multiscreen Media Packaging includes guaranteeing “eyes on multiscreens” by combining Cinema Attendances and Television Audiences (Based on clients target market and sourced from TAMS). This combined audience will achieve critical mass and for some clients will increase the attractiveness of both mediums.  Further, the cost per thousands being achieved ensures that these Packages are a cost effective option for all.
Added to this is the incredible power of synergy.  Media research worldwide has proven that a synergistical approach of using both Television and Cinema at the same time has more impact than using one medium.
Multiscreen Packages are being sold through the Popcorn Sales Team. It should be noted however, that both Viacom and Popcorn continue to sell their respective media inventory as stand alone media options as they always have.

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