Continental Outdoor Media is currently flighting their campaign on Citilite billboards in key metropolitan areas in Gauteng and aims to get people downloading the app to their smartphones.  

The recent research, “Always On: Out of Home Lives 2014” conducted by FEPE and Future Foundation illustrates that 88% of South African consumers are more likely to take action after seeing an OOH advert as opposed to the other countries, viz, UK, Brazil, Turkey, Germany and Spain (79%).

The success of the Citilite range, introduced from France and patented in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa by Continental Outdoor Media in 2003, is largely due to the tactical opportunities it provides marketers.  Advertising messages are moved to new locations every two weeks.  

“This dramatically increases brands’ reach, frequency and recall.  This rotation also ensures that creative messages do not suffer ‘fatigue’ and therefore maintain their impact factor,” says Lyn Jones, marketing manager of Continental Outdoor Media.

Furthermore, the internal illumination which affords Zomato high impact both day and night reaches consumers whilst in the right mindset and moodset for finding a new restaurant nearby.

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