By Darren Gilbert

All this leads to a question: have you tried video marketing? If you haven’t, why not? Yes, bandwidth availability and connectivity are valid concerns, and especially so in South Africa. However, as Hindmarch points out, we are fast catching up.

Video provides you with massive reach

“Video content is now the most commonly shared content on social media, beating text and images,” says Mike Byron, creative director at Astral Studios. “People are [also] more likely to share a video with friends and followers than any other type of content.”

“The world’s second largest search engine, YouTube boasts more than one billion Internet users viewing over 100 million online videos every single day,” writes Cat Leaver, head of strategy at AD. If you want a South African equivalent, just listen to Byron who states that there are over two million unique searches a day on YouTube.

“Video sharing is becoming a huge part of most social channels and can be a hugely effective way to spread your brand message,” continues Leaver. In short, video provides you with an opportunity to reach a wider audience that you could hope for.

“It is estimated that Internet video to TV doubled in 2014. Internet video to TV will continue to grow at a rapid pace, increasing fourfold by 2019,” says Hindmarch.

Video packages content in a way that people want it 

On top of that, video allows you the opportunity to engage with your customer. This is not in reference to the usual conversations between brand and consumer. Instead, it is about the ability to provide something that people will want to share and engage without feeling like they are forced to. Video allows that.

For example, educational videos can be used to engage with your target audience. At the same time, it can subtly promote your company. “By presenting entertaining informational videos, you can also promote your company products’ value and achieve brand awareness amongst potential customers,” adds Byron.

“Videos help you engage your web visitors and help them take the next step that much faster,” explains Hindmarch. “Up to 85% of visitors are more likely to buy a product or service after viewing an explainer video.”

Video portrays you as a thought leader

As much as video provides great content for your viewers, realistically it can’t just be one way. It also has to benefit the company or brand who creates the content. Fortunately, video does this simultaneously.

“Companies that publish video interviews with executives and professionals within their industry benefit from building thought leadership for their own business and its brand,” says Byron. “If [someone is] searching for a tutorial on something … and come across your video, you are basically portraying yourself as the expert in the field and in your industry.”

What are your thoughts? Have you tried video marketing? Tell us below.