We no longer need to think outside the box, we need to think about the box not being there at all. One way of doing this is to invite non-traditional marketing people into the mix when you're brainstorming your next advertising campaign.

To tap in to what the consumer may not even know they're looking for yet, invite different kinds of people to contribute to your marketing campaign strategy upfront. And where better to start than in your initial brainstorm? The objective is to look for virtuosos engaged in the production of culture who can input on our exponentially changing society. People (like artists) who are engaged in the production of culture.

These types of professionals bring different knowledge and energy into the mix and will help to inspire some magic by throwing art, data and futurist predictions into the creative melting pot.

Artist Consultant

Artists are being used as consultants for big-brands (GAP, MTV, and Coca-Cola) to bring fresh vision and acumen to short and long term strategies. As Skull-A-Day creative phenomenon, Noah Scalin, says about using Artist as Consultants: "The set of skills artists learn allows us to be consistently innovative and consistently come up with new ideas." An artist with a different world view could be the innovative creative force you need to unlock a different way of marketing your brand.

Data Scientist

In Benjamin Spiegel's article Why Every Marketing Department Needs a Data Scientist he says: “Data = Power”. You need someone with “power” in your brainstorm - that person is someone who knows what the best day to sell airtime to teenagers is.

Spiegel goes on to say: “In today’s marketing world, the power and knowledge often lie with the person with the best data access and deepest understanding of that information.” Who better than someone who can translate customer data into behaviour to help you roll out your next marketing campaign?


Simply put, a Futurist is a person who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current trends. The word has also become a verb: “To Future”; and “Futuring” is now being used as a disruption technique by business leaders trying to tap in to the zeitgeist that they can't quite put their finger on. The benefit of inviting a skilled Futurist into your Tribe is that they may identify mega-trends that will have a great impact on the social and business economy.

And if you're looking for more fresh faces in 2016 you may also be calling on a Virtual Reality Experience Designer and 3D Printer Design Specialist. Exciting times ahead.

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