By Darren Gilbert

Having said that, it’s important to delve into what content needs to look like. And, more importantly, answer the question of how we are going to approach content in 2016. After all, we are already overloaded with information. It’s now time to figure out how best to deliver it.

Content needs to be, and look, innovative

While 2015 was a great year for content marketing, 2016 needs to build on it. That means that while tactics used last year may work, consumers demand more. In fact, they deserve more.

“The world isn’t going to be satisfied with some clever words, a trendy hashtag, and a flat image anymore,” says Sinnema. In saying that, she believes that content needs to follow a “less is more” approach this year.

Essentially, it means less content for the sake of it, and more quality for the sake of building and engaging a community. “The digital world is cluttered with a lot of content that, while overwhelming in quantity, generally is quite underwhelming in experience,” adds Sinnema.

Instead, brands need to stay ahead by creating original, creative, and engaging videos to add a fresh dynamic in how they engage their audience and create invested followers. “When you consider what people want, it’s easier to meet them where they are at,” says Sinnema.

Content should be about the micro moment

People love stories. You’d only need to read the words of Express Writers’ Julia McCoy for confirmation: “[S]torytelling in marketing wouldn’t be nearly as effective as it is if our brains weren’t ravenous for stories”.

That being said, the stories that you create around your brand/s need to be short, compelling and told in real time to add value. Catherine Scott, head of Social at Liquorice, explains: “The next generation of social media savvy consumers are flocking to real time apps like SnapChat and Periscope. Creating content for these platforms is a very different production process from what we’ve been doing on Facebook and Twitter.”

Not only it is raw and live but there is very little room for polishing or over-editing content before you publish it, continues Scott. And, as she points out, brands need to offer very real value if they hope to make a meaningful impact.

More investment must go into great content

A quick look at the brands who are winning when it comes to content doesn’t tell the full story. Yes, they have great content, but they worked hard to ensure their success. That comes from well-planned strategies and goals.

Fortunately, every brand can make good content. It’s just about whether they are committed to it or not. That being said, 2016 should be the year where brands place more investment in great content.

For Jessica McEndoo, head of Social Media and Content Strategy at BlueMagnet, the way to do this is to ensure your content has context and is effectively measured through brand affinity and love.

“2016 will be the year of ‘piercing stories’ as well as ‘behind the scenes rich media’ with a mixture of video, user generated content and short form content like SnapChat where brands using this innovative market have to be prepared for diverse conversation and activity,” she says. If you can deliver memorable experiences and be authentic, you’re ahead of your competition.

What are your thoughts? How do you think we need to approach content in 2016?