This mobile advertising platform targets subscribers with mobile marketing messages based on their location, certain demographic data, time of day and other value criteria. It enables brands to break through marketing clutter and reach consumers with personalised, engaging content that adds value to their lives. MeMe Mobile offers the subscriber various types of content on the USSD platform.

Consumers can decide which content they prefer, and the selected content is delivered on their mobile phones when they make a call. Marketers can use the channel to deliver a wealth of interesting content to customers - value-adds such as news; marketing messaging; gamification and more. They can measure and track engagement as well as collect subscriber data to better profile their customer bases.

The MiMeMe portal allows brands and agencies to track their campaigns in real time and offers the client detailed post-campaign insights and statistics. MeMe is technology-agnostic and is available on any handset, and carries no cost to the user at any stage or length of engagement.

Henk Swanepoel, chief marketing officer of Digitata Insights, a division of Digitata Limited says; “Kagiso Media’s expansion and reach into Africa makes it a perfect match for our offerings, and Mediamark’s strong digital presence and electronic media expertise mean it is a natural fit for our MeMe Platform.”

“Our mobile media channel complements Mediamark’s radio and digital media solutions. In the media flow process, mobile is increasingly where the transaction between the consumer and the brand takes place. Mediamark is uniquely positioned to facilitate this process,” he continues. 

“We’re seeing growing demand from our clients for digital solutions that help them target their marketing message to the right type of person, in the right place, at the right time,” says Talib Sadik, managing director at Mediamark. “MeMe Mobile gives them the ability to reach customers with personalised messaging at great scale, measure their results, and optimise performance.”

Cindy Diamond, group sales director at Mediamark, adds; “Given the growing importance of mobile phones in the customer journey, this is a great addition to our portfolio of integrated marketing and media solutions. MeMe Mobile can help clients amplify their message, extend their reach and boost their performance.”

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