Africa is the continent that gave birth to rhythm and the new short inserts will follow a young crew of local dancers as they pop up and infiltrate unexpected locations to create a vibrant, unique and fun Pop Up Party. Everything in the secret location seems normal... until the music starts and the magic happens.

Everyone becomes part of the fun and afterwards the party will be done. The dance crew will walk off like nothing happened.

“Over the last couple of years, the Internet has seen many viral dance fads that have taken the internet by storm and got the world moving, but this will be on a whole other level as it will be aimed specifically at kids on the African market, which has not experienced this directly,” says Pierre Branco, VP and Managing Director of Turner Africa.

“With this in mind, Cartoon Network will launch Pop Up Party to entertain and expose all Africans to Cartoon Network’s amazing world of kids entertainment with this fresh localised series of shorts,” adds Branco.

But who is invited? Audiences will be able to follow this most contagious, African-flavoured dance party as it moves and turns-up unexpectedly. Cartoon Network is looking to engage and interact with their audience as it urges Africans to get their feet tapping and hips shaking as they join the crew when the ‘Pop up Party’ strikes.

“Turner is proud of our audience on the African continent and to show our commitment to Africa, Cartoon Network will be producing more local inspired shows, using some of Africa’s best and most inspiring talents,” adds Branco.

To catch all the action, tune-in to the brand new short inserts kicking off towards the end of winter on Cartoon Network, channel 301 on DStv.

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