Urbex stands for urban exploration, and those with a fear of heights may want to binge carefully as the most daring and charismatic urban explorers infiltrate areas like a dazzling skyscraper in Dubai and a guarded bridge high above Moscow to share the heart-stopping views – as well as deeply personal stories that explain why, and how, they live life on the edge.

Urbex’s urban explorers come from every walk of life and every country on Earth.

  • Oleg Cricket: Having moved from Siberia to Moscow with a dream of becoming a stuntman, Cricket is well followed in social media, as he posts some of the world’s most daring and fearless explorations;
  • Vadim & Vitality: These Russian YouTube sensations leave you breathless as they infiltrate a new building construction site in Mumbai to climb its cranes high above the clouds; 
  • Abudi Alsagoff: A parkour professional with an irresistible personality, Alsagoff dares to climb and do a handstand on the famous Puterjaiab Bridge in Kuala Lampur;
  • David DeRueda: A successful photographer from France, DeRueda has a passion for exploring abandoned space shuttle stations in Kazakhstan. 
  • Max Ross & Zach Burke: All-American kids, Ross and Burke’s idea of fun is rooftopping in Toronto; 
  • Bryce Wilson: No stranger to controversy, watch Wilson as he has a run in with the law for climbing one of Melbourne’s tallest skyscrapers; and 
  • Elaina Hammeken: A former modeling contestant on America’s Next Top Model, Hammeken brings a high level of style and glamour to the mainly male world of urban exploration. 

Urbex has a compelling combination of unique POV footage, observational angles and cutting-edge editing techniques that bring viewers along to scout locations and take first daring steps into the unknown.

In cities such as Dubai, Moscow, Toronto and Melbourne, episodes go beyond the excitement of urban exploration as viewers get to know these fascinating personalities in-depth, listening in on revealing conversations and even meeting family members to learn about their backgrounds, their personal triumphs and tragedies, and what drives them to pursue the unimaginable.

“Exploring the world is the most important thing you can do, and the whole point of what I do is to get to places people aren’t allowed to go,” says Crciket. “I don’t know if I will succeed or not, but I will never stop trying.”

Urbex premieres on demand with all episodes available at once on Monday, 1 August 2016, only on Red Bull TV.