She is back with her new pop offering, Nineteen, which was written together with Jake Odendaal. The song explores the insignificant age of 19.

She says, “Most ages have something to look forward to. At 13-years-old you're not considered a child, but rather a teenager. At 21-years-old you're able to say ‘I’m officially an adult’. However for 19-years-old, there’s no significance around it. It’s that awkward year where you’re expected to do all ‘adult’ things but not get seen as one. I’ve gotten to this super strange age that holds no significance in society, yet as a 19-year-old, I’ve got the chance to make every moment of this indifferent year count.”

“Before becoming ‘the 21 year old adult’, I want to ensure that the kid inside does not get left behind and that chasing paper planes becomes chasing dreams that can become a reality,” says Gray. “Remember to take a moment today, to chase a paper plane because sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the child in us still exists.”

A motivational speaker and influential youngster, Gray hopes to inspire the youth of today to live with purpose. Dreams are only possible for those who believe and are willing to work towards their goals.

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