Mace, a CFP-e/Shots Young Directors Award-winner, spoke to media update’s Adam Wakefield about linking up with Egg Films and which filmmakers have influenced him the most.

What was it about Egg Films that led you to signing with them? What do you hope to learn?

I spoke to a few agency producers and creatives, and most of them said that Egg would be the best fit for me. So I mailed Colin [Howard, MD of Egg Films] and asked if we could meet up and chat about the possibility. In our first meeting, Colin outlined what they offer as a home for a director and it sounded like just the kind of solid production support I needed.

I aim to learn more about myself as a filmmaker and define that style. I don’t ever want to be a jack of all trades, but rather a director with a distinct style. 

You have built quite a following on the likes of YouTube and Instagram. How important is it for filmmakers today to post their work on social media?

The two worlds are still pretty separate in this country, but I feel that they will become one in the years to come. The online space is the future and I am just preparing for when that switch happens. 

Which filmmakers have influenced you and your work the most?

Everyone talks about him nowadays, but Casey Neistat has been a huge influence on me, since about five years ago. Then the film directors Darren Aronofsky and Guy Ritchie have great techniques of merging time and space - I like to steal like an artist and copy these techniques on a low-budget scale to attach to my online films. 

What work do you have coming up over the next few months, and how has joining Egg Films changed your working process in terms of schedules and routine?  

I am busy working on an exciting campaign for Vodacom, then comes the second instalment of Tusker. Both are going to be rad jobs!

My work process has changed loads since joining Egg. I have learned how to really involve the client in the process, as well as to create a solid relationship with the creative team beforehand, so that we are all on the same team from the get-go and not fighting for different outcomes. 

If you had one piece of advice for an aspiring filmmaker, what would it be?

Learn how to give up on a good idea, because if you had to pursue all your good ideas you’d never have time for the great ones. 

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Mace follows in the footsteps of Zwelethu Radebe, who joined Egg Films in March. Read more in our article, Talented commercial director, Zwelethu Radebe, moves to Egg Films  

Image courtesy of Egg Films.