Jay has been with 947 for the past 14 years in a number of roles, from afternoon drive to mid-morning and, most recently, Weekend Breakfast host. 

“Alex is the reason many of us got into radio in the first place and his contribution to broadcasting in general, as well as 947 specifically, can’t be quantified,” says 947 station manager, Ravi Naidoo.

“There is no way I would be where I am today if it was not for the legend, Alex Jay. He used to listen to my show on campus radio and every day he would tell my now-boss Ravi Naidoo about me," says 947’s Breakfast show host, Mdoda. "When Alex speaks, you listen. And now I am here.”

“He is always cheerful, always on time, and I am honoured to have gotten to be mentioned by him and to have gotten to know his wife Fiona and kids Maxine and Connor over the years as well," she adds.

Jay started his radio career when he arrived at the 702 studios to interview for a technical position and was told he had a good voice for radio. That was in the early 1980s when 702 was a music station. One of his oldest colleagues, Aki Anastasiou, recalls the reverence he had for Jay.

“Alex Jay was one of the reasons I wanted to get into radio, and I started to hang out at 702 when I was a teenager,” he says. “I can remember being such a huge fan that I handed out postcards with Alex Jay’s picture on them at a 702 activation at Eastgate in the mid-1980s. Decades later, I am still a huge fan.”

“Eight years ago, I thought Alex needed a title. So I gave him the title of The Legend'. He will forever be The Legend of radio and I am so grateful to have worked with him, learned from him, and been in his presence,” says radio presenter, Darren Simpson. 

New weekend line up

Weekend Breakfast will be taken over by Rob Vember from Thursday, 15th July. Vember has experience in music radio on both regional and national stations.

“Alex is not only an icon in the industry, but he is also genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met. It is a privilege to be stepping into his big-skinny shoes,” adds Vember. “I am really looking forward to immersing myself in Johannesburg life and what’s happening in this amazing city on the weekends.”

Every Saturday, from Saturday, 8 July, Weekend Breakfast will be followed by the Coca-Cola Top40SA which will be hosted by Zweli and Mantsoe, who also host 947 Nights on the station.

The chart will be based on the most popular tracks of the week as decided by listeners through multiple platforms, including AppleMusic and other streaming services, as well as direct requests and feedback to the station. There will also be a big focus on the 'hottest' local music.

On Sundays from Sunday, 9 July, 947 is taking away all interruptions from 10:00 to 18:00 for #LoveSundays, giving listeners the most music to set the soundtrack to their Sundays.

“We want 947 to be the backdrop for all the fun, the activity, the chilling, the pre-parties, after parties, braais, meals, and everything else that people in Johannesburg get up to on the weekends,” concludes Naidoo.

For more information, visit www.947.co.za. Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook or on Twitter.