The range of topics at the event spans local and international spheres of interest in the continued growth of the industry. Some of the confirmed speakers, as well as their presentation topics, can be found below.

Nanzala Mwaura

Mwaura is the director at Ipsos Connect. Mwaura discusses how Africa offers an opportunity to marketers from a range of industries. Mwaura explains how it will only yield dividends if it has a strong, sizable middle class with disposable income to purchase goods and services.

The presentation asks the questions; 'is there a middle class in Africa, how big is it, and how can marketers reach this group?'

Samantha Loggenberg

Loggenberg is a research director at Qualitative Intelligence, South Africa. Based on qualitative research into the under-25 market in South Africa, Samantha Loggenberg unpacks changes in media behaviour and the impact of access to digital technology, as well as the changing relationship with TV.

Additionally, Loggenberg also focuses on the rise of VOD and why the evolution of content needs to be understood. The topic explores the changing media environment and how it a has complex and counterintuitive implications for media suppliers.

Kui Kariuki

Kariuki is an audience research manager from Kenya. Kariuki focuses on how the eve of digital migration spiked excitement around the changes expected in television viewership in Kenya. Kariu explores the influence of content, using research findings as a case study.

Leana Less

Less is VP of global connections and media at the Coca-Cola Company. Less's presentation focuses on how data is becoming the oil of consumer marketing, yet, despite the fact that enterprises can store 80% of data, only 0.5% is actively analysed.

Less unpacks why data comes with significant challenges but is increasingly important and how early indicators show that the advertising industry investment globally is starting to leverage this – as well as the benefits of agile marketing; if done correctly.

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