SlikourOnLife features videos and interviews, aiming to give substance to the music and musicians who may not have access to traditional platforms and provides an accessible place for their videos.

Content that is engaging, interesting, and relevant is critical in terms of ensuring that consumers and commuters remain engaged with the TRANSIT.TV™ channel. The addition of entertainment and music content, sourced from SlikourOnLife, aims to complete a content-rich offering on the digital place-based network (DPB).

Shamy Naidu, Transit Ads executive, says, "The biggest challenge for marketers is actually reaching and engaging consumers. That has become exceedingly difficult to accomplish as consumers are in control and given a choice. They will opt out of watching marketing messages." 

Naidu says that DPB networks reach consumers where they spend their time in zero tune-out zones. Commuters in South Africa, both during their commute in taxis and at transit nodes, are engaged at a receptive moment.

The inclusion of the entertainment offering, together with news, sport, and lifestyle content, interspersed with brand messaging, aims to result in an engaging viewer experience. OOH digital screens penetrate niche environments to engage the young urban population. Digital place-based OOH also aims to provide important targeting capabilities to brands and, combined with relevant and engaging content, is ideal for brands wishing to reach these audiences.

Siya Metane (also known as Slikour or 'Slik'), the founder of SlikourOnlife, says that the partnership with Transit Ads will effectively enhance his platform.

"My vision is to create a voice for the youth in culture and we've been able to achieve that with SlikourOnLife on a digital platform. The opportunity to work with TRANSIT.TV™ is amplifying that voice to a wider audience across the country, which is in transit. This is a monumental win for SlikourOnLife, as well as artists and brands that have already invested in our integrated content strategies online." 

Celebrating 10 years of broadcasting, the TRANSIT.TV™ brand has grown to include an audience of 13 million in taxis, taxi ranks, train stations, and bus ranks. Currently, over 700 screens are installed nationally, and the reach and frequency afforded by the platform is key in the decision taken by SlikourOnLife’s Siya Metane to provide content and partner with the channel.

"From a Provantage Media Group culture perspective, we are vocal and active advocates of nurturing and developing young talent. We run a number of programmes through our learnerships (in conjunction with the SETAs) at the PMG Training Academy. In addition, we support young enterprise development, for example, through facilitating the reselling of airtime in taxi ranks," says Naidu.

"Through this we have created mini businesses for many individuals. We believe that Slikour has the right platform to partner with us and we’re very excited to air the content from SlikourOnLife which gives a voice and provides opportunities to young upcoming talent,” concludes Naidu.

Content from SlikourOnLife is currently available on TRANSIT.TV™. The #SOLIncubator that launched on Tuesday, 10 October sees Metane using his knowledge and relationships to give 12 young hip-hop artists from cities across South Africa access to resources necessary to jumpstart their musical journeys. This additional content will be available on the channel during October.

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