The media update team takes a closer look at the concept and what it means for businesses.

Media intelligence is the process of gathering and analysing vast amounts of data generated by various media channels in order to gain insights into business performance, consumers, competitors, and market sectors.

Media intelligence companies gather their data from the editorial content of print, broadcast, and digital news media. They also gather content from other digital media platforms, such as non-news websites, blogs, and social networks.

These companies then extract information that is of interest to their clients from this data. Clients can use the data to measure the performance of the PR or marketing content their brand has created.

Data about conversations on media channels and social media posts can also be analysed for insights. With this information, media intelligence providers identify trends, opportunities, and issues relevant to their clients.

These insights allow businesses to take action to change public perception of their brand. The intelligence can help companies improve their marketing, PR, and communications strategies. Information about consumer needs, competitor activity, and industry developments also empower organisations to build better business strategies.

Media monitoring is a major component of media intelligence and involves the gathering of the data. Another two components, media measurement and media analysis, are tools used to extract insights from this data. The component media reporting is the process of assembling specific insights and statistics into reports for clients.

Accurate media intelligence can benefit companies, brands, organisations, and government entities in a number of ways. Armed with insights into the media’s and consumers’ opinions, entities can improve their products or services and manage public perceptions about their organisation. Media intelligence also allows them to stay up to date with emerging issues, competitor activities, and industry developments.

Ultimately, media intelligence is a powerful tool for identifying marketing opportunities and fine-tuning marketing and PR strategies – all based on Big Data.

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