media update’s Adam Wakefield spoke to YFM's head of programming, Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng, about how the station engaged with its listeners and what is top of mind when structuring a station line-up.

How did YFM engage with its listeners to find out what they wanted to hear?

We engaged our listeners via a series of focus groups. We sampled our core audience via our station app, social media, on-air promotion, and the station website.

What did listeners tell you about YFM, and what did they tell you about what the station had not considered?

Our listeners highlighted a lot of positive things about YFM. This process proved that we have an engaged and active audience who really care about our product. The research consistently showed us that having DJ Ankletap back as a host in the mornings was a necessity.

When structuring a daily line-up on YFM, what are the three most important factors you think about?
  • Relatability to audience;
  • Ability to get listeners to emote and show emotion; and
  • Ability to entertain while informing.
Do you think younger listeners, such as millennials and Gen Z, engage often with traditional media or the world around them?

Younger audiences totally pay attention to anything that interests them. The trick is to speak to them at their level. YFM speaks to young people in the exact same manner and language young people engage among themselves.

You’ve been at YFM for one month, in your second stint in the station. Why the speed to go about making changes at the station before the end of the year?

The changes are informed by thorough and extensive research. The research study was conducted shortly, prior to my arrival. Having gone through it myself, I'm confident in the results of the research study. My return to YFM coincides with the station’s approach to make well-informed decisions.

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