media update’s Aisling McCarthy unpacks the technologies that make up AI.

AI refers to the development of computer systems that are able to performs tasks that usually require human intelligence. This includes things like visual perception, speech recognition, translation and decision-making.

Basically, it’s a collection of powerful technologies including:

Machine learning

A process in which machines are fed data, and continually develop the algorithms they have been programmed with. The more data the machines are fed, the more accurately it can process similar information in future, and the more sophisticated the algorithms will become.

Neural networks

A method of processing vast amounts of data, which is modelled on the way the human brain interprets information. Neural networks consist of layers of nodes which receive data, extract the most relevant information, and send the data along to the next node.

Natural language processing

A component of machine learning that processes, sorts, and categorises various elements of text. While a human can inherently understand the meaning of sentences and paragraphs, a computer cannot really understand language. Using the mechanics of language, computers can, however, identify the context and grammatical use of words in sentences.

Computer vision

This technology allows computers to identify patterns and recognise objects in images. It is used by some advert tracking companies to detect the logos of thousands of brands and businesses in newspapers and magazines. This technology allows the computer to understand what they ‘see’, which is why it is being used in self-driving cars, augmented reality, as well as the development of robots.

AI solutions are made up of some, or all, of these technologies combined, and working together to analyse large data sets.

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