Spotong magazine aims to inform, educate and empower township traders across South Africa. The magazine reaches more than 35 000 men and women.

As an extension to the platform, the events, held in Soweto, occur annually with the objective of uplifting, educating and empowering the community, while celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience of township traders.

Over the past three years, the events have grown and have aimed to offer traders ways in which they can thrive in the market.

With over 600 female and 400 male guests, the two summits aim to provide a unique platform to engage with township entrepreneurs who, it’s estimated, spend as much as hundreds of millions of Rands, combined monthly, on their businesses.

In addition, the events are an opportunity to network, offering traders a platform to discuss their experiences, gain business information from relevant business leaders, explore products and potential partners and be inspired to operate responsibly in a challenging sector and environment.

According to Spotong, partners and sponsors will benefit from the opportunity to engage directly with traders who influence customers at ground level.

They can also inform and educate traders about the benefits of using their products and, in turn, receive feedback on their products and the market.

These events also aim to provide an invaluable opportunity for companies to be part of a social responsibility initiative because they directly empower small business owners in the townships.

Each event supplier is sourced from the local township community, aiming to ensure that the events not only impact the 1 000 invited guests attending both summits but their local communities as well.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to brands that want to make a social impact in the communities in which they operate and make a difference in the lives and businesses of the men and women.

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